Hall of Fame


The Hall of Fame began with the selection of the Club's Team of the Half Century at the 50th anniversary annual formal presentation night.  The team of 12 was selected by Barry Chesson, Dave Sammut and Peter Kennelly, a three person combination that suitably represented every era of the Club’s history, with Barry’s playing career spanning from the Club’s first ever game in 1972 through to 1994/95, Dave’s career spanning 1990/91 to 2021/22 and Peter’s career spanning 2009/10 to 2021/22, between them the trio representing 696 games, 47 seasons of Committee service and 31 captaincies worth of experience.  The term of reference was to “determine the Club’s best ever team, based purely on aspects such as performance, ability, longevity and influence.”  Each subsequent year for the foreseeable future will see two new additions to the list as selected by the Committee of the season.



(Awarded for performance for the Club)
Wayne Giles 2022
Marc Watkins 2022
Adrian Baker 2022
Steve Williams 2022
Rod Sammut 2022
Will Barrett 2022
Brody Koelewyn 2022
Bruno Serra 2022
Colin McArthur 2022
Steven Rule 2022
David Wright 2022
Darren Wilson 2022