Hall of Fame - Batting | Murdoch University Melville Cricket Club
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
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17517826671488536288544975Ben DugganMurdoch University Melville2018/20193rd Grade1 1Bedford Morley
2691761291488536294863369Toby J RichardsonMurdoch University Melville2018/20196th Grade2 1Swanbourne
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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Grade: WASTCA:1st Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Murdoch University Melville   def   Bedford Morley
Grade: WASTCA:3rd Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Bedford Morley   def by   Murdoch University Melville
Grade: WASTCA:5th Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Murdoch University Melville   def   Wembley Districts
Grade: WASTCA:6th Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Balcatta   def by   Murdoch University Melville
Grade: WASTCA:7th Grade Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Murdoch University Melville   def by   Whitfords
Grade: WASTCA:One Day 1 Round: 1 13 Oct 18
Wembley Districts   def   Murdoch University Melville
Grade: WASTCA:One Day 1 Round: 2 20 Oct 18
Murdoch University Melville   def   Subiaco Marist
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